Incompetent to Stand Trial Diversion and Community-Based Restoration Infrastructure Project

$468.8 million in grant funding available for California counties to create more community-based residential treatment homes for diversion and competency restoration.

July DSH IST Infrastructure Project Office Hours

Join AHP for this month's IST Infrastructure Project Office Hours.

Who is the housing for?

The housing serves individuals charged with a felony who have been deemed IST and identified by DSH as eligible for diversion or community-based restoration services.

What kind of housing is needed?

Residences can be locked or unlocked homelike residences with supportive and wraparound services, such as Supported Transitional Housing, Board and Care, Adult Care Facility, Recovery Residences, Social Rehabilitation, and other supportive housing facilities.

Why are more community based, residential treatment homes needed?

More housing with access to behavioral health services and diversion and CBR programs means that more Californians are diverted from the criminal justice system or restored to competency.

What are the infrastructure options?

Funds can be used to purchase or put a down payment on a property, rehabilitation, new construction, and/or furniture and minor equipment needed for occupancy and service delivery

Apply for funding

Applications for grant funding are accepted on a rolling basis through October 31, 2024.
Organizations and individual applicants can apply, starting Mar 1, 2023, 06:00 AM